"When Technology Matters"

Strategic Advisors to C-Level Executives and Business Owners

Guiding you through the technology challenges holding back your Business


Why Us?

  • Are you frustrated with your existing IT resources?
  • Are you a Business Owner or C-Level exec that got "stuck" with IT but don't have the time or experience to manage it?
  • Do you think the IT budget is out of control?
  • Are you acquiring companies and need to perform due diligence then execute a post transaction integration strategy?
  • Are you a CIO and just don't have the bandwidth to get a project done?


Our Approach

We are chefs not cooks.  We operate only at the leadership level.  We bring in resources that best fit your organization.  We believe this creates a more objective solution than a vertically integrated firm.

We create a strategy to help you meet your business goals.  We enjoy seeing results from implementing what are often difficult changes.  We take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on the things you enjoy.


Our Experience

As a CIO for 25+ years Kent Barner was the internal advisor to C-Level Executives of high growth entrepreneurial organizations. In his last corporate role he delivered CIO services to 15 organizations concurrently. CIO Suite brings this same level of service to mid-market companies and companies in the M&A space. 

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