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Can you identify with any of these issues?


CEO, Business Owner, COO

- How can we better align our IT and business Strategies? 

- How can we use technology to achieve a competitive advantage? 

- How do we translate our IT strategy into action? 

- How should IT be governed? 

- Which business processes should we focus on improving? 

- What IT strategy should we pursue?
- How can we make sure our M&A Strategy is successful?

CFO, VP of Accounting, Controller

- Are we spending the right amount on IT?
- Are we spending on the right things?
- Are we getting our money’s worth from IT?

- How can we get real-time reporting?

- How can we compress our accounting cycle?

- Which IT functions should we consider outsourcing?

CIO, VP of IT, IT Director, IT Manager

- Which software package best meets our requirements?
- How can I improve ITs performance?
- Should we outsource any of our IT services?
- What service levels is IT delivering?
- How do we compare to others?
- How can I demonstrate the value IT is delivering to the business?

- Is there someone who can help me finish some projects?

- Are there any tools I can get to help me be more successful in my role?